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The Eddie Stobart application to build their massive HQ & distribution Centre at Appleton Thorn Trading Estate has been called in to be further examined and determined by the Secretary of State.


This means any previous objections to the application will be resubmitted. However, this does not prevent you from expressing any further concerns you may have on the development.


In fact, we are actively encouraging Warrington residents to do so, as the impact of the application is losing precious green belt land.


Any objections *must* be received by 8 July 2020.


Remember - once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.


So please email to:-


Or write to:-


Planning Inspectorate,

Temple Quay House,

2 The Square,

Temple Quay,




Using Reference APP/M0655/V/20/3253083



Protecting the green belt: only in ‘exceptional circumstances’ can you build on green belt. South Warrington’s green belt is a semi rural area of natural beauty and biodiversity. It should be taken away from Warrington residents only in exceptional circumstances. The Stobart application to build a distribution site *does not* meet those circumstances. Have a look at our website for more on green belt guidelines.


*Air quality and pollution*: Warrington already has poor air quality due to being surrounded by motorways and being weighted heavily towards distribution hubs reliant on HGVs.


Prematurity: Warrington Borough Council has not had their South Warrington Development Plan ‘approved’ - so the application is premature. Any consideration given to releasing green belt for development was supposed to be done in conjunction with plans for the housing and infrastructure that might be built there. These parts of the plan have not been approved yet - so Warrington Borough Council is inappropriately and prematurely trying to rush this distribution site through.


Financial Viability: Eddie Stobart has been widely reported to be in financial difficulties. This calls into question whether they will be in a position to offer the jobs and employment prospects they promised at the time Warrington Borough Council granted their application to build the site. Much reliance was placed by the council on these promises of hundreds of jobs when they approved the planning permission.


Other brownfield sites are available: Why build on green belt if you can build elsewhere on brownfield site or existing developed land?

* The Parkside development in St Helens is an alternative site and has rail transport access for freight.

* The Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in west Warrington is now closed and is a better, already developed site. It too is rail linked for freight.

*The former Travis Perkins warehouse and Distribution site is now vacant. This site is next to the existing Stobart site and so it would be easier to simply expand here.


The more personal and passionate the better!


Thank you,


The Our Green Warrington Team

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